University Of Mobile's Christmas Spectacular

On November 18 and 19, 2009 the best musical talent from the University of Mobile’s Center for the Performing Arts converged on Mobile, Alabama’s Dauphin Way Baptist Church to present a suite of Christmas music, and Vivid Illumination was there to light it.

Greg Persinger, the owner of Vivid Illumination was the lighting designer and programmer for the show with support from Dauphin Way’s Lighting Director Bill Reynolds.

Dauphin Ways’s in house conventional lighting rig was used as the primary key light rig for the program with an additional moving light rig provided by Dorsett Productions Unlimited of Mobile and the Jands Vista S3 console was provided by TB Lighting of Medina, TN.

As well as a packed house for each of the two performances, the program was videotaped by Power Productions for sale by the University.

Additional pictures are located HERE.


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