Vivid Illumination Lights up WFX Houston Keynotes

Houston, Texas - With the help of the WFX lighting sponsors Vivid Illumination lights up the keynote stage.

Worship Facilities Expo know as WFX is presented by Church Production and Worship Facilities Magazines. WFX offers 60+ updated conference sessions on everything from architectural design and fundraising, to worship lighting and social networking, an expo hall with 200+ exhibitors, plus tours of nearby churches.

Part of the conference includes keynote presentations by local church leaders and media pastors on the state of church facilities and production. These keynotes tend to be one of the highlights of the three day conference.

Because of the keynotes prominence and prior issues with the lighting not being conducive to video production, Vivid Illumination was hired to light the keynote stage.

Equipment was provided by
Vari*Lite, A.C. Lighting, Elation, ETC, and AV Pro Group. Scenic design was provided by Cre8 A Scene Productions.

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WFX Houston

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